In South Carolina, one mom who stopped at a Walmart ended up saving another mom's son's life.

Lashonda Pugh's son, Daniel Jones, needed a kidney. Apparently, Jones suffered from a genetic condition called Alport Syndrome which required him to undergo dialysis three times a week. When he was first diagnosed two years ago with this disease, he was told he would have to undergo dialysis to survive. That is when Pugh's decided to try to get him more help by getting him a kidney.

Jones' mom, Pugh's, ended up branding her car with her son's picture and the words "My name is Daniel Jones Jr. Please Donate A Kidney To Save My Life." She then parked it in a Walmart parking lot for all to see. Six months ago, a woman named Starr Gardy, saw this in the parking lot and took a picture. She was so moved by this that she decided to get checked to see if she was a match to help out. Turns out she was a match!

Gardy ended up donating her kidney and in a chance encounter on Wednesday (because donors and recipients aern't allowed to meet) Gardy and Jones ended up meeting in the waiting room. Pugh had posted on social media that Garday gave her son a second chance at life.

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