The first day of school can be rough, whether you are starting a new school or are just nervous, we all need a friend to help us out. So, it's always nice to see adults step up to the plate to make it a good first day of school.

Recently, the Hamblen County Department of Education shared a photo on social media praising a police officer whom helped out an autistic student on the first day of school.

Kadin Templin goes to West View Middle School in Hamblen County, Tennessee and is autistic. According to his mother he has had 24 surgeries in his lifetime and transitioning to his new school has been pretty hard. That is where Officer Julio Ortiz comes in. Last Monday on Kadin's first day of school, Officer Julio Ortiz comforted Kadin by being there with him on the first day and giving him a hug. It was the extra comfort he needed to get through the day.

Kadin's mom reached out to the Officer to say thank you and he said he was  "so excited and honored to be called his friend."

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