Herbert Perkinson is an 81-year-old retired truck driver and has been working at Woodland Middle School in East Point, Georgia for the past 5 years. Recently, Perkinson was up for the job of head janitor until he found out that he did not qualify for the job because he did not have his high school diploma or GED. Now, most people would let this stop them and get into a funk thinking nothing can change, especially at that age.... however, Perkinson did not let this slow him down.

Thanks to encouragement from the school principal and help from his daughter, Perkinson decided to work on earning his GED. Perkinson kept up his full time job doing custodial and landscaping work during the summer and then when he wasn't working, he would study with his daughter and grandson going over high school subjects such as math, science and history at the library.

At the end of the summer, it finally happened for Perkinson. Perkinson passed at least two tests to get his GED! Not only that, but he did receive a job promotion at work. This is proof that is is never too late to reach for what you want.

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