Why anyone would leave a baby in a car to go shopping, I have no idea.... but thank God, there were some good samaritans around!

There is a woman in Tulsa that went shopping last Monday and left her BABY in the car! As bad as this is, it is made worse by the fact that it happened to be one of the hottest days of the year and the baby was stuck in the car with the high being 99 degrees and the heat index at at 116! Of course, this is a huge health hazard for anyone but especially babies, and thankfully the baby got some help.

A woman and her 12-year-old son happened to walk by when they heard the baby crying and ran to help. Now, it's not clear how long the kid was in the car but it was pretty hot once they got to it. The 12-year-old's name is Ben and he is the real hero. His mom gave him permission to break the window to get inside so Ben grabbed a ratchet strap from their trunk and smashed in the window. Then he climbed on the hood and pulled the broken windshield out, climbed inside and unlocked the car.

Once inside, they got the baby out, whose face was bright red but all in all okay. The mother of the baby was charged with a $250 fine but they decided to not arrest her. Social Services is looking into it at this time.

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