Good firefighters. Good people. That's all that matters.

Recently, a group of firefighters near St. Louis helped a woman in a wheelchair after they saw the woman tip over trying to get into her home. Unfortunately her home was not wheelchair accessible, so she had to wheel herself through the front yard and make it up multiple steps to get into her house. Thankfully, the woman was not hurt but the firefighters knew it might happen again and they decided to make a change.

So, a bunch of the firefighters went back to the house a few days later with shovels and concrete. They decided to build a path! The men dug out part of the front yard to make it even and then they poured the cement. They made a path all the way from the sidewalk to her front porch and then added in a wheelchair ramp. What's even better was that this was not a part of "doing their jobs." They all did on their off time on the weekend proving they are just really good humans!

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