What happens when cute baby ducklings get stuck in a storm drain and separate from their mama? Well, thankfully, construction workers are there to save the day!

In Des Moines, Iowa recently took some time off of their day job to help out some souls in need...ducklings. Apparently, in the East Village Neighborhood on Locust Street 14 baby ducklings got trapped beneath a storm drain. They were also separated from their mother.

Many employees of nearby shops tried to help the babies but with no luck. That is when they called on some construction workers to help out. The construction workers got on their bellies and started pulling out the ducklings one at a time. In the end, all of the babies were saved and they reunited with their mom.

Somebody got this on video and in the end you can see the adorable reunion! Check out the video here if you want to get the feels today!

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