Joshua Ferguson is a military veteran whom may have lost his leg but as found solace and a new friend in a puppy whom also has lost its leg.

Let's look at these two new best friends. Ferguson was with four other soldiers in a truck when it went over an improvised explosion device. Thankfully, none of the five men died, but Ferguson did end up losing his leg in the explosion.

As for the puppy, Scooter, was discovered with a severed leg in a wooded area in Burns, Tennessee in June. Veterinarians believe the dog got his leg caught and had to gnaw it off in order to free himself to find food. Unfortunately, the pup's leg was amputated.


What better match made in heaven than these two? Well, Ferguson has recently adopted three legged Scooter from the Humane Society of Dickson County in Dickson. Ferguson told reporters from WTVF Nashville that “He makes it easier for me to remember, hey it’s still a beautiful day."

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