A 6-year-old knows how to spread the kindness.

6-year-old Blake Rajahn did something special for his first day back to school. Like most students, he got some new clothes for the first day of school but they meant something a little more.

Blake's mother had recently opened her own personalization business earlier in the summer and told her son that she would make him a special shirt for his first day of school. She figured he would choose a basketball theme, football or something that most 6-year-old boys would want. However, what he asked for surprised her.

Blake gave it some thought and asked his mom for a special shirt that said "I will be your friend" to let all the kids who need a friend know he is there for him! How does a little boy come to this idea? well, unfortunately Blake has experienced bullying and hard times in school and he wanted other kids to know he was there for them

Blake's mom posted the shirt on her son on his first day on Facebook and since then the post has gone viral and she has sold many more of the shirts.

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