Alex Walker is a 7-year-old in Cleveland whom has epilepsy. As you probably guess, she has been in and out of hospitals since her entire life and has met some other sick kids along the way at the Cleveland Clinic.

When Alex was 4-years-old she noticed that some of the other sick kids did not have stuffed animals to play with or comfort to them and she wanted to help with that. Alex wanted to give some of her stuffed animals to the kids but she could not because of germs. You see in the hospital, kids are only allowed to have NEW toys that no one has touched to prevent the spread of germs.

So, Alex took all the money in her piggy bank, 65 dollars, and bought 13 teddy bears for the other kids. However, it didn't stop at that one instance. Since that first time, Alex has bought over 400 stuffed animals by collecting donations and selling tomato plants she grows herself and every month her and her mom visit the Cleveland Clinic to drop off the toys.

Alex has recently been named "Kid Hero" of the month of June for which means that donations have been pouring in honor of Alex. Her total has reached over $18,000!

If you want to help out, search for "Alex's Fluffy Buddies for Kids" on


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