Most of us would never dream of running a 100-Meter dash and even finishing with a gold medal. It would seem like a lot of energy and work and we can barely make ourselves workout every day, let alone go on a run like that. Especially, when we are in retirement age, I am sure we all plan on taking it easy. Well, not Julia Hawkins.

Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins in 103-years-old and while most people this age slow down, she has decided to speed up. Two years ago, Hawkins became a world record holder for her age group in the 100-meter after finishing in just under 40 seconds. Then, this past Monday in Albuquerque, N.M., Hawkins set a new record in the Senior Games 50-meter dash in the women’s 100 plus division and on Tuesday,she finished the 100 in a little more than 46 seconds. She didn’t break her record, but she won her division.

What is even more impressive is that Hawkins didn't start running/training until she was 100-years-old! Hawkins says running is what has kept her mind and body sharp, and every time she steps on the track she hopes to show people that you can do this at any age.

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