The past month and a half we've had the pleasure to meet some of the amazing kids who call the Cedar Valley home. We've seen Elementary school aged kids step up to be great students, friends, and people.

We are finally recognizing a high school student. I don't know about anyone else, but high school was such a stressful and wonderful time. While you couldn't pay me to go back for a single day; I cannot even imagine what it's like to be a high school in the middle of these unprecedented times. These kids are tough and they are adaptable. I'm proud to even exist at the same time as these young people.

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Again, a special thanks to our friends at the Screaming Eagle for helping us spotlight these students with a free meal and unlimited skeeball.

I'm still kind of bummed that I can't be nominated...adults like skeeball too!


Sam E. is our first high schooler to be nominated this year. He is a student at Waterloo East High School. He is an active part of the Jr. Staff program at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Cedar Valley. Not only is he an active member of the community, but he also has worked to spearhead a connection between his own high school robotics club and a volunteer program to demonstrate some of the projects that they've been working on.

Here's just a bit more about Sam:

"He is wise beyond his years and be cause he is so young he serves as a great example and sets high expectations for our younger members."

Congratulations Sam! And keep up the amazing work.

If you know of a student that should be honored make sure to nominate them here. We will be honoring students all the way up until Memorial Day weekend.


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