Our new Student of the Week is.... Billy C.! Billy is a freshman this year at East High School and has already made a big impact during his first year and high school! Billy is showing signs of becoming a great leader through his school work and wrestling team, always has a positive attitude and a will to learn. Let's just say there is a bright future ahead for this student. Check out more about him below!

"Billy is a awesome kid, he will go out of his way to help other people. Billy always has a positive attitude and very outgoing. He keeps his grades up and still does sports, he is a team player, he will help newer wrestlers out and show them some new moves and still learn new ones himself. Every Wednesday he goes to a boys church study and he try's to lead by example. Lots of the teachers at our last conference said he is great to have in class. He's an awesome son and student."

Congrats Billy! Keep up the good work!

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