Our new student of the week is..... JessyMya D. (cool name!)! She is a 4th grader at Fred Becker Elementary! Unfortunately when we went to present the award JessyMya was not in school when we showed up but her classmates and teachers were very proud of her and still wanted to share in the accomplishment with a picture.

Even though we did not get to meet JessyMya, there was a clear reason as to why she was picked as this weeks Student of the Week and it's because she is the type of kid we hope our kids will be like.

"JessyMya is in the fourth grade in Ms. Wilson's class. She loves school and learning, always taking pride in her scores and test results. She has a warm place in her heart for each and every person she comes in contact with. She has always put school first since the very first day of preschool and is always trying to beat her grades from the year before. I feel she would be an amazing "student of the week" because she is not only a great student but she is that student that gives up recces to help the teacher, will stay up at night worried about the bad day her teacher or friend had, is the first to raise her hand in class, will befriend anyone even the kid that is picked on and siting alone, Mya will go befriend that child. She also has taken her share of bullying in the school because kids say she is heavier and her hair is frizzy. Even when her heart gets broken she will do anything to see a smile on her fellow students and/or teachers. If I had a choice of who I could have be and the personality I should have had as a child she is the shinning example. One of the brightest shinning stars even when no one is looking."

Thank you for being a beacon of light and kindness in your school, JessyMya. Continue to be the amazing human you are!

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