Our new Student of the Week goes to.... Tianna Seals!

Tianna is a 4th grader at Fred Becker Elementary and is a role model for everyone in her class. She steps up to the plate by being responsible making sure her own work is done and then helping others in class with their work as well. Tianna was such a positive role model that her teacher submitted her for Student of the Week. Here is what she had to say about Tianna;

"Tianna is an amazing student. She shows up for class every day ready to learn. She is a positive role model throughout the day and is always willing to help. Her homework is always done and she’s shines in every academic area. I am proud of all she has done and it’s only the beginning of the school year. I know she is determined to do great things and deserves some recognition!"

It may be a little later in the year but we still believed that Tianna deserved this recognition. Congrats Tianna, keep up the good work!

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