It's not going to get any easier to pick out which of of the incredible students deserves this award, is it? Every single week we get flooded with more and more students, and all of them are just as amazing and deserving as the next.

Picking just one student is becoming such a struggle for us. However, it truly is worth making this decision, so we can celebrate some of the amazing kids that call the Cedar Valley home.

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Luckily, we didn't have to do this alone. Our partner for this venture has been helping us out to spotlight just a few of the great Waterloo public school students.

Screaming Eagle Bar & Grill came through again to help us reward another awesome student for their hard work this year. Play some skeeball on us, Tate!


Our third student of the week is Tate P. Tate is a third grader from Lou Henry Elementary, and everyone seems to sing his praises. This kid is a jack of all trades apparently. Not only is he smart, but he's so funny and incredibly adventurous. He even water skis in the summer with the Waterhawks! When the temperature drops (not as much as it is right now, though) Tate loves spending his time striking terror into people's hearts on the haunted hay ride. He also loves to snow ski; that seems more seasonally appropriate!

Tate, most importantly, is a great student. This hardworking kid always makes sure his schoolwork is done correctly, and that he understands the academic content he's given.

Here's just a little bit more about K92.3's student of the week.

"Tate is also very kind and cares a lot about his family. He admires his dad and wants to be just like him when he grows up."

Tate sounds like an amazing kid! Keep up all of the good work!

If you know of an exceptional child in the Waterloo public school district then make sure to nominate them! Each week from now until Memorial Day, we'll be honoring some amazing kids.



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