We have such amazing students here in the Cedar Valley! These young people in our area truly are stepping it up and challenging us adults to be better. I think we can all agree that we should strive to be as smart, talented, and generally awesome like these kids.

Each week, we pick one of these exceptional students to spotlight.

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Our friends at Screaming Eagle are helping us out again. Not only will the honoree get a certificate (ooooohhhhh) but they will get a free meal at the  Screaming Eagle, and unlimited skeeball. This week we're putting a spotlight on Jadyn!


Jadyn M. is a first grader at Orange Elementary. From the picture above, you can see that Jadyn has donated her hair so she can "be able to help sick kids." What you might not know is that she has done this TWICE. Her first time donating her locks was when she was four and the second time was two years later at the age of six.

This first grader has already received plenty of recognition for her generous spirit, amazing listening skills, and for wearing her mask at school. From what we hear, Jadyn sets a great example for her peers and classmates.

At home she helps out around the house, and even recently asked her parents to give her MORE chores to do to help out! Here's a bit more about our student of the week from someone who knows her best.

"Jadyn is an extremely caring individual and wise above her years...She truly is remarkable and a great candidate for student of the week."


If you're a parent or a teacher and you know a student like Jayden in the Waterloo public school district, make sure to go and nominate them. Every week leading up to Memorial Day we'll be honoring one fantastic student. Students from K-12 are able to be nominated.

K92.3's Students of The Week 2021

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