Congratulations to our new Student of the Week: Kinley Hovey! Kinley is a 2nd grader at Kittrell Elementary and the kindest kid. In fact, she is so kind that that is the reason why she got student of the week!

"Kinley follows one guideline in her teacher Mrs Fahey's room to the fullest. "Be kind". She will stop whatever she is in the middle of and check on other students if they are sitting alone or crying. She will go the extra
mile to be their friend regardless who they are. She will be first in line to include other students in games or classroom fun. She strives to lead by example. Its exciting to see how much other students appreciate her kindness. I know her kindness has definitely impacted her fellow classmates.

Her mom
Lisa Hovey"

This girl is going to change the world with some kindness and it's about time. Kinley thank you for taking kindness to a whole new level. Please remember to always be kind and good luck with your future!

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