Our next student of the week is.... Gabe Doran! Gabe is a 6th grader at George Washington Carver Academy. Positivity  is this kid's super power. In fact, he was actually nominated last spring while he was at Lincoln Elementary and this entry was just such a stand out that we had to give him recognition. Here is what his nomination said...

"Gabe is a fantastic 5th grade leader. No matter what is going on, Gabe shows up to school ready to learn and lead. In the classroom, he is always participating in discussions, helping others, and following directions. I can always count on Gabe to give 100% effort on any task he is asked to complete. Even though he might have other things on his mind, Gabe has a persistent positive attitude and a smile on his face. He does not let anything keep him from succeeding."

A good lesson for both kids and adults... staying positive goes a long way in life. Congrats Gabe and keep up the good work!

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