Congratulations to our final student of the week for the DECADE, Dusti Rose! Dusti is a 1st grader at Orange Elementary. Besides having an adorable name (I may have to steal that name for my kid one day) she has a big heart and manners (rare in kids nowadays, I know). Not only that but she understands the meaning of service already at such a young age. Such a sweet little girl when we got to meet her and totally deserving of this award. Don't believe us? Check it out...

"Dusti- Has the biggest heart of any kid I know! She has manner that you rarely see in children now a days. This could be because her dad is a Marine but all her teachers tell us how impressed they are with her manners. She tries very hard it school because it doesn’t come easy for her. During summer or anytime she can sneak up to Waverly, you can find her at Retrieving Freedom Inc. helping them train service dogs for children with Autism or at a event that the proceeds benefit RFI. Dusti gives 110% of herself in everything that she does. She has excelled in school this year and her reading and writing has improved. She had a rough school year last year and started the school year not wanting to go to school. She now comes home excited to do homework because it helps her learn and she wakes up every morning excited to go to school and learn. She looks forward to school because she gets to see all her friends and learn lots of new stuff from her teachers!! Dusti is a great classmate and loves all her friends!"

Congrats Dusti! Happy Holidays!

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