Our student of the week for this week is a sophomore at East High School this year: Collin Richardson. He was nominated last year but was such an incredible kid we had to give him a shout out. If starting high school isn't scary or overwhelming enough, wait until you hear all this kid is involved in.

"Collin is a freshman at East this year. He is involved in band, football, bowling, baseball and game club at East. He also is very involved in youth group at Rivers Egde Church in Waterloo and works at Beaulahland Christan Camp in the summer. Despite his busy schedule he still maintains his grades. I recently heard from a mother of a Middle school student who said that Collin is the reason her son is excited to attend East next year. She stated that her son isn't always understood by his peers but Collin is always so kind and is such a great role model. Her son always looks forward seeing him at the bus stop."

Kind, humble, responsible and a leader... what more could you ask for from a kid? He is one to look out for in the future to help lead others to be kind and help those around him. A role model for all ages and involved in everything! Way to go Collin! Stay kind and keep up the hard work!

Also, sorry we made you a little nervous being called to the office! haha

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