Treat people the way you would want to be treated.... if this guy didn't believe in the golden rule he may not have stopped and ended up saving lives.

50-year-old Robert King was driving home from work in Chicago the night before Easter when he saw an accident happen. He saw a van that had just been T-boned at a stoplight. King stopped to make sure all involved were okay.

Those involved said they were fine but did ask for a favor...if King could give them a ride to a hospital. Apparently, it was a medical transport vehicle that got hit and they were transporting three human organs to a nearby hospital for two different transplant patients. Turns out they had several boxes with them containing a liver, kidney and pancreas and if they didn't get to the hospital soon they would miss their window of opportunity to use them (sounds like a medical drama, right?).

King of course agreed and told them to jump in and drove them the rest of the way to the hospital. They got there in time to help save two patient's lives. King was given an award by the hospital last Wednesday to show their gratitude for helping to save lives.

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