Every runner has some sort of motivation, whether it's music, family and friends supporting them or a personal goal. However, if a runner didn't have motivation, maybe they should think about a pet as motivation.

At the Boston Marathon this past week, many runners had different reasons for running. However, in case they needed a little extra motivation or cheering on or honestly just something cute to look at.... Spencer was there to help them out!

Spencer is a therapy dog who has gained quite a lot of recognition showing up at the Boston Marathon in the past years to cheer on the runners. Owner, Rich Powers, posted a photo of Spencer on Facebook this year to let runners know where they can find the adorable pup and that Spencer was wearing a yellow raincoat and holding two "Boston Strong" flags in his mouth.

Spencer has been attending for 3 years and his popularity has grown each year. In 2018, his owner took a video of the pup in his raincoat and posted it on social media which ended up getting 2 million views!

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