22-year-old Savannah Allen has been colorblind since she was little. However, it never kept her from doing anything in life until she went to college. During her second year in the dental hygienist program at UC Blue Ash, Allen started to notice a problem.

Allen was doing a routine check up of a patient in class when her professor came up and told her all the things she was missing because she could not see. Although she used to joke about her colorblindness with other classmates, Allen never thought that it would truly affect her career until this instance. This is when her classmates stepped up to help!

A group of her friends started researching colorblind assisting glasses and contacts to find something to help out Allen. When they finally found the perfect pair, they started a GoFund Me page to buy the $400 glasses. They were able to raise the money and present the glasses to Allen in class.

It was sure a special moment to see Allen's reaction to receiving these glasses and you can actually see a video of her reaction here!


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