In Fresno, California there is a 47-year-old woman who ran out of hope last Thursday. She was about to jump off a bridge and commit suicide when a middle school volleyball team jogged by.

The 12 members of the volleyball team were about 50 yards away when they saw her climbing over the railing. They all ran back to their coach and had him call 911. The coach told the team to run back to the woman and try to distract her from going through with it.

By the time the girls got back to the woman, she was dangling from the bridge by one hand! So what did the volleyball team do? They all started chanting, "Stop, your life is worth it!" and continued to talk to her for the next ten minutes.

Eventually, she pulled herself back up and the police showed up putting her on a 72-hour hold and got her help. When interviewed by local news, The coach says she must have heard the kids yelling, and couldn't bring herself to do it while they were watching.  He thinks that's the only reason she didn't jump.

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