Sometimes you don't know someones story until you actually take action to find out, and sometimes they just want the company.

In Oxford, Alabama there is a guy by the name of Jamario Howard. Howard and his two friends (early 20s/30s) decided to go out to eat last week at a barbecue place. While they were sitting at their table, Howard noticed an older lady sitting and eating dinner by herself a few tables away. Howard decided she should not eat alone, so he went over to ask if he could sit with her.

She said yes and that is when Howard found out her story. Turns out, her name is Eleanor and she told Howard that she was alone because her husband had passed away. It was also bittersweet because the next day was their 60th wedding anniversary.

After hearing this, Howard decided to invite Eleanor to come sit with him and his friends at his table. She said yes and got very excited. A photo was taken and is going viral online.

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