Remember the Beluga whale that everyone thought was a Russian spy because it was found wearing a Russian-made harness? Well, now the whale is capturing people's hearts by proving it's good nature.

Back in April, the Beluga was spotted by Norwegian fishermen and discovered it was wearing a GoPro harness with the words "Equipment St. Petersburg” printed on it. During the Soviet Union, marine mammal training facilities were common, so many Norwegian news started running with the story accusing Russians of using the whale as a spy. Russians denied this but the whale has gotten into the hearts of many.

Recently, a woman named Ina Mansika and her friends took a boat out on the northern harbor of Hammersmith to see if they could catch a glimpse of the beluga earlier this week. When they spotted the whale, Ina got a little too excited and dropped her phone into the sea. Thinking all was lost, Ian was surprised to see the famous whale get her sinking phone and bring it to the surface so that she could grab it from it's mouth.

Another one of her friend's got the whole thing on video and honestly, we can now prove that the whale has good intentions.

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