She had the least probability of being a match for him, and yet she is the one who is saving his life. In North Carolina, there is a 64-year-old pastor, Billy Houze, who had gall bladder surgery a while back but is now having kidney issues. Houze has been told that he only had 5 years to live unless he got a kidney transplant.

This diagnosis was made three years ago and there has been no luck of finding a match... until a month ago. All of Houze's blood relatives got checked and they were not matches but the least likely to be a match ended up being his adopted daughter. DeLauren McKnight was adopted 27 years ago by Houze and his wife and she was the last option to be a match for her dad. Which was why she was so excited to share the news that she was a match and would be able to help her dad to get better!

The surgery is scheduled for sometime in the next few weeks.  DeLauren says that without Billy and her mom, she doesn't know where she'd be.  And there's, quote, "nothing in this world I wouldn't give him."


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