This kid can already handle and save money better at 14 years old than I can in my 20s!

Isaiah Tuckett is a 14-year-old in Madison, Minnesota who has a real talent for making cupcakes. Tuckett made his first batch of cupcakes with his grandma two years ago. Ever since then, no one can deny his undeniable talent in making tasty cupcakes as Tuckett has now been selling them.

Tuckett decided the perfect time to start embracing his new hobby when the town bakery closed up shop and he became the only person in town to get homemade baked goods from. Tuckett started selling his cupcakes for $20 per dozen for birthdays, graduation parties, proms, reunions, funerals, and weddings.

As soon as Tuckett realized that his business was booming, he made a goal to save his earnings in order to take his whole family to Disney World! In just one short year, Tuckett saved up enough money to take his whole family (mom, dad, sister, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew) to Disney World. If you are wondering how much he had to save, well calculating in airfare, hotel room and tickets, Tuckett ended up having to save $4,500! And he did it!

He is a little entrepreneur in the making. Tuckett has decided after reaching this goal that he is going to start saving again for a new truck when he turns 16 and then to go to culinary school.

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