Okay everyone say one big "AWWWW" together... "AWWW".... Now that we have gotten the mushy stuff out of the way, let's get down to the hard facts!

It is National Boyfriend Day, which means most guys get an extra special day today. So, what do women look for in a boyfriend? Well, I am glad you asked. A survey of 1,000 women who have boyfriends came out and here are their top results!

Surprisingly, 22% of women have found their current boyfriends through a dating app. But what qualities led them to pick their s/o? Women want these five qualities in men: loyalty, honesty, funny, kind and good communication skills. If you think about it, without these qualities the relationship would not work.

As for me, well if a guy is willing to bring me food, I honestly and sold... legit I would probably date a delivery driver just for the food, who's with me?

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