It's national dog day today which means it is time to celebrate your pups! Tell them how much you love them, go for an extra walk, feed them a special dinner, cuddle a little extra- whatever you plan to do, make sure your pup knows how much you love them today!

In honor of national dog day, I decided to do some research to find out some interesting facts about dogs that I never knew. I mean I don't have a dog of my own, so this is my way to connect with them. So here are 5 fun facts I found thanks to National Today, all about dogs that may blow your mind. Enjoy!

1. Dogs are NOT colorblind. This myth was debunked in 2015. The actual truth is that dogs can actually see color but just not as vividly.

2. The shape of a dog's face will determine their life long existence. So the loner a face the longer the lifespan.

3. A dog's nose print is like a human finger print... it is unique and totally their own!

4. Dogs sleep in circles to protect their organs.

5. They have 300 million smell receptors in their nose which is why they have an amazing sense of smell.


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