Halloween never seems to fall on a day that "works" for everyone. I mean during the week it is hard to get home to go trick-or-treating with the kids after work and for those who want to party the night away can't because of work or school the next day. So what is the solution for these issues?

How about a National Trick-Or-Treat Day? Hey, if something doesn't work create your own holiday right? At least that is what a bunch of people on Change.org are trying. It all started with a petition that was signed by 150,000 people that wanted the government to move the date of Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday in October. However, that strategy was not working so there is a new strategy.... create National Trick-Or-Treat day to happen the last Saturday of October every year.

I really doubt anything will come from this once October is over since most people will just forget about it but what do you think? Should this become a national holiday?

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