National Egg McMuffin Day is on March 2nd!.... Wait.... Did you know this was a thing? According to McDonald's it is.

McDonald's has decided to celebrate their most popular breakfast sandwich with a national day and have "officially" established March 2nd as their day! Okay so it's not like a real national holiday but if you can have a National Taco Day then why can't Egg McMuffins have their own day as well? Plus it's about to make our Monday even better.

To celebrate this new holiday, on Monday March 2nd, McDonald's will be giving out free egg mcmuffins! That's right, all you have to do is download the MsDonald's mobile app and then redeem the over between 6 and 10:30 am on Monday! So for those of you who have never had an egg mcmuffin (how have you not?!) this is the time to try!

What a way to make our Monday even better! You know I am totally going to be hitting up McDonald's on Monday.

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