Look, I know sometimes we like to have a fresh start in life but this seems to be taking it a little too far. There are some very odd "holidays" that aren't really official but people still celebrate them, however I don't think this is one that should be celebrated.

According to National Today, which creates all of these unofficial holidays, on Sunday November 17th, it is the 10th Annual National Unfriend Day. Now, I am hoping they don't mean to unfriend any of your REAL friends in your life but rather those "friends" on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you don't honestly you know who they are. I mean come on you can't possibly now all the thousands of friends you have on Facebook , can you? (If so I am impressed).

It's a day of "spring cleaning" in the winter to allow some free space to make more friends on social media that you don't even know and then next year you can do it all again! Hey, if this is the way you want to spend hours on your Sunday by deleting friends go right ahead.... I think I will be skipping the celebration this year and using my time for better things, like binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

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