We all need some goodness in our lives, I mean the world can be a dark place which is why I like sharing good news stories that show a kindness in the world. Today, you can join in on this goodness by doing one, simple thing.... get on social media.

Twenty-five years ago today the clothing company, Life is Good, was started by two guys in Boston. For their anniversary, they decided to do something good. Every time someone posts on social media with the #SomethingGood, they will donate one dollar to charity.

However, you can't just post the hashtag on any old post, they want you to post something good! Posting positive news in your life, encouragement towards others or just something that shows their is some good in the world and then using the hashtag will help raise money for the Life is Good Kids Foundation which helps victims of early childhood trauma.

The company will donate up to $1 million if a million people post and it will run through November! So, get to posting positive vibes today and you can help someone in need... it's that easy!

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