The Pulitzer prize is awarded to the best of the best in the world of journalism. Compelling content, photography and a need for the truth is what keeps these journalists at the top of their games and those are the people who receive a Pulitzer Prize, just like Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Nikole Hannah- Jones is an investigative journalist who works for the New York Times Magazine. She is a Waterloo native having attended Waterloo West High. For most of her career as focused on racial injustice in the U.S. According to her website, she has also written about school resegragation, the 1968 Fair Housing Act and has also co-founded  Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting which trains and mentors investigative reporters of color.

Jones has  just been named a Pulitzer Prize winner in 2020. According to KWWL, Jones work on her 1619 Project has earned her the Pulitzer Prize for commentary. The 1619 project which she created marks the 400th anniversary of slavery brought to the U.S. and how it has impacted our nation and what we have learned from it. You can check out more of her work on the 1619 project here.

Congratulations Nikole Hannah-Jones!

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