I personally believe that this pandemic will make humanity better in every way possible. It has already started with so many neighbors helping neighbors, families helping families, friends helping friends and especially strangers helping strangers. We are on a path collectively to be better humans in the world and it is stories like these that prove that.

This weekend, on Easter Sunday, the Impact Church in Waterloo decided to lend a helping hand to those who have to travel and decided to pay for people's gas. Now you may think with gas prices being so low that it is not a big deal to pay for a few people's gas but this church didn't just pay for a few but rather more than 140 cars!

According to KWWL, the Impact Church in Waterloo provided free gas for more than 140 cars on Easter Sunday. That's a heck of a lot of gas! Although to some this may not seem like much to others this means the world to them. Not only that but they are helping to provide some kindness during uncertain times so thank you Impact Church for all you do!

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