Iowa is such a unique place to live. One minute you'll be driving through a pretty big city and the next you will be waving at a horse and buggy.

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Fall is a great time to be in the Cedar Valley! Not only is the temperature just right, but there are also so many different things to do and checkout. If you're looking for a bit of an adventure you can check out one of America's best pumpkin farms right here in the Hawkeye State.

Courtesy of Uncle Bill's Farm via FB
Courtesy of Uncle Bill's Farm via FB

It's also harvest time aka the busiest time of the year for our hardworking farmers.

One woman witnessed firsthand the different sorts of people who are helping to get us the food on our table. From John Deere to a horse and buggy, everyone is hard at work this time of year.

Amy was driving through the Northeastern part of the state over the weekend. She admitted in the comments of this video that she was off to Oewlein to check out a pumpkin farm.

Amy O'Brien via Tik Tok
Amy O'Brien via Tik Tok


As she made her way through the area, Amy came across several Amish people in a horse and buggy looking like they were taking their product to market. While this is pretty common for the fall time here it still is fun to take in all of the different types of work that goes into agriculture.


You can watch the full video of Amy's trip through Oelwein down below!

Oelwein has been getting quite a bit of attention for a few fun and beautiful moments that have gone viral on social media. An Oelwein couple went viral on Facebook last month when they got to get a bit of a redo wedding.

Frankie and Royce King were married 77 years ago, but they never got to have any wedding pictures taken since their nuptials were done so quickly. Frankie didn't even have a dress! So, the hospice staff that is working with the couple decided to help them celebrate their anniversary with wedding photos. 

Snake Alley in Burlington, IA

Burlington, IA is just one hundred and fifty miles away from Waterloo and a hundred miles away from Cedar Rapids is one of the most see attractions for tourists. Ripley's Believe It or Not! voted Snake Alley as the #1 Odd Spot in America.

Hilarious Iowa DOT Signs

Anyone else share a sense of humor with a state's Department of Transportation? Just me? Well, every Monday the Iowa Department of Transportation puts up a sometimes hilarious, sometimes straightforward message on their road signs across the state. This is called "message Monday" and Iowa DOT tries to entertain and educate drivers through these signs. Here are just a few of our favorites.


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