Anyone else agree that the weekends keep going by faster and faster? I swear this weekend went by so fast that I barely remember what happened! I know food, friends and donations were involved though.

The moment that caused the most impact this weekend was when Johnny Marks and I went to Cedar Rapids to drop off the donations we collected from our storm damage donation drive. It was really touching to see so many Iowans pull together to help support one another and to see all the donations they had already received. There was a whole building full! This was for sure the highlight of my weekend. Being able to give back and help one another is one the best things we can do in life.

Besides the donation drive, I hung out with friends, showed off my new haircut, had some mac & cheese of course and did some self care. Oh and I started my car shopping search but nothing too exciting to come out of that yet so pictures for that. Check out my photos below and hope you had a great weekend!

Tiffany Kay Weekend In 5: Self Care and Food

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