This weekend was way more chill then normal and it was the perfect way to get ready for fall. I got to shop for flowers, remember what a live radio event is again, get nostalgic over my old car and get some reflection in.

The weather was perfect Saturday for the first remote in a long time for K98.5. I was out at Leisure Zone in Cedar Falls on Saturday morning giving away some K swag and checking out their new facility. It was a little chilly but fun to get back to some semblance of normalcy. Then I went with a friend of mine to Flowerama to pick out some flowers for another friend of mine and found a gorgeous bouquet in a cute mug!

Then it was time to get nostalgic and clean out my old car to get ready to sell. While doing this, I decided to get a side by side shot of my old and new car and let's just say, yes, I did upgrade a little. Then I decided to start my week off right with a little self reflection at church.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Tiffany Kay's Weekend In 5: Live Remote

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