I heard wedding bells this weekend! Okay, not my own apparently you have to have a boyfriend first for that to happen (who knew?) but I did get to be my friend's plus one for her friend's wedding and watch her daughter be the flower girl. It was adorable!

My weekend started on Friday by checking out Anton's Garden in downtown Waterloo for bonding and beer with my co-workers. Always a good time. Then Saturday started early and was a long day but fun! I got up at 7 am to get myself ready for a wedding to go to because I had to go help do my friend's hair and make up and then help her with her daughter who was the flower girl and fix her hair. By the way, she was the cutest flower girl. As the day continued, we went to pictures, finally got to the wedding which was disgustingly hot outside and then danced the night away at the reception.

As you can imagine Sunday came around and I was beat. So, I spent the day cleaning, binge watching Netflix and celebrating National Ice Cream Day! Oh and I am so proud of my gardening skills that I had to share them. Hope your weekend went well!

Tiffany Kay's Weekend In 5: Wedding Time!

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