BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! That's right this past weekend was full of celebrating another year of getting older. I will not tell you how old I am now (a lady never tells) but I will let you know this weekend was full of cake, gifts and dancing.

It started on Friday with a friend of mine coming to my apartment and gifting me dinner from Zsavooz. Let me just say, the chicken tenders there are soooo good! Then we went on to watch old Disney movies keeping our inner kids alive while singing along. On Saturday, I was suprised with a birthday tower of gifts (see below), a Coldstone Ice Cream Cake (see below) and had a grill out with some of my friends. Then we played some cornhole which I sucked at and ended the day dancing the night away in downtown Cedar Falls (yes, we practiced social distancing). Sunday was recovery day with multiple naps and some delicious crab legs!

Check it out and thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Weekend in 5: 6/27