What better way to spend a rainy and dreary weekend than with food, friends and cards? I mean there was one beautiful day this weekend but other than that, we have to stay entertained some way.

My weekend started off with some Auntie time with my adopted niece as I like to say, my friend Alli's daughter Rose. Actually we all decided to go out to eat at Red Lobster where I got crab legs of course. Yes totally worth all the work of cracking them. Then we played cards. I learned how to play rummy last week and let's just say with beginner's luck I won!

Sunday was a day of rest and reflection. Went to church which is always therapeutic for me and then ended the day with good friends, food and a bonfire. What better way to celebrate fall right? I hope you all had a good weekend and let's hope this next weekend gets here quickly!

Tiffany Kay's Weekend In 5


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