Who else is dealing with a candy hangover today? Yeah I may have had a little too much candy and fun this weekend but no regrets! As you all know Halloween is my "Christmas" this year and as much as I am sad it is over, this was definitely a Halloween to remember!

My best friend from Ohio came to celebrate the holiday with me and boy was it a celebration! We carved pumpkins, went trick-or-treating (with kids), watched horror movies, went to a haunted house and so much more! Of course costumes were involved as well. So here is what exactly went down...

On Thursday, we got a little dressed up and went trick-or-treating with my friend's kids! I was actually digging the wig, may have to do my hair like that someday. Friday was full of Halloween fun. I got my costume on for work and couldn't breathe (how did women used to wear corsets?!). The my friend and I watched some horror movies and met up with another friend of mine for coffee. As the night went on, we checked out Heart of Darkness Haunted Attraction and let's just say one of the people in my group may or may not have wet their pants (no, it wasn't me).

From there we went out to Deringer's in Cedar Falls to celebrate the holiday in our costume. We danced the night away and I swear I don't need to exercise this week after all of that. Then comes actual Halloween. We spent the day playing cards and watching Halloween movies and even handed out Halloween candy. Then the night came and once again we put on our costumes and went back to Deringer's (can you tell it is one of my favorite places) and danced the night away! I even entered the costume contest but sadly didn't win. With the extra hour though due to daylight savings time, I think my legs are mad at me for being so tired. Sunday was spent sleeping and crafting.... and yes, I may have watched a Christmas movie.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween and stayed safe!

P.S. Yes, we WORE our masks wherever we went. We took them off to take pictures.

Tiffany Kay's Weekend In 5+: Happy Halloween!

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