One of the best things about the weekends is that I can order out food. I know...that seems kind of lame, but I'm trying to stay safe with COVID plus I don't know many people. Also, I gave up ordering food during the week for Lent, so this is my reward for maintaining my Lenten resolution.

I was staying late at the office, so I ordered my go to pizza Urban Pie. And guess what? It was there at my door when I arrived! You don't understand how happy this made me! Long Friday plus pizza equals the perfect way to kick off the weekend. AND AND AND!

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My roommates from college sent me a sweet little early birthday gift. It was a gift card for one of the local restaurants that I haven't checked out yet.

Then the weekend culminated in brunch at Johnny's wife. I have to confess something...his wife is the queen of brunch...EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD.

Check out the amazing spread and some of the other stuff I did this weekend

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