Wow, I cannot believe I am ONE WEEK away from moving out of Iowa! I don't think the reality of the situation has hit me yet that I am moving. I am still getting accustomed to the idea and trying to live up my final week here in the Cedar Valley which includes spending as much time with friends I have made here as I can which of course is what I did this past weekend!

This past weekend was beautiful in the Cedar Valley and the perfect weather for a bonfire! Of course that is how I started off my weekend on Friday by having a "going away" bonfire at my friends house with some of our friends. It was great to just chill and enjoy the time together and of course I got to see my favorite "niece" while there. Yes, I am going to miss her and all my friends!

Saturday was followed up with starting to pack up my apartment. Let me just say I hate packing and not much progress was made but it's at least a start! Also shout out to my friend Jordan for coming to help me pack and organize! Literally without her, I would have just got distracted by watching TV. After the packing, I chilled one of my friend's house afterwards and played cards and became a puppy mom! Yes you read that right. My friend got an adorable puppy (literally the size of my hand) and I am not the puppy co-parent because I named him Bandit and he is adorable!

Sunday was my Mom's birthday so of course I celebrated by sharing an embarrassing photo of her on social media (I mean what else do you expect?). Then I met up with a friend for lunch at LJ's as a goodbye to her and spent the rest of the day playing cards at my friend's house while watching horror movies.

It has been a great weekend and thank you to all who made my final full one special in the Cedar Valley!

Tiffany Kay's Weekend In 5: My Final Weekend In the C.V.

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