If you know me then you know that packing is the bane of my existence. Literally if I am going on a trip, I will sit on my bed and stare at the stuff I need to pack for an hour and then go watch TV. Then I usually end up packing the day that I am leaving, rushing around and cursing myself for being so lazy. Well this time around since I am uprooting my whole life, I am not able to wait until the last minute and have now been packing for a week (and I am still not done!).

I have had a lot of troubles with packing this week. Between moving company issues, wrong size boxes, not enough boxes, too much stuff... the list goes on and on. However while packing, I realized that I can not be the only one who has had problems when it comes to packing. So I am putting together my ultimate guide to packing for those out there who need a little help as well. I am not expert just someone who is learning along the way so I hope this helps anyone moving out!

Quick shoutout to all my friends here who have helped me pack. I honestly would be a hot mess without you all!

  • Get yourself a group of family/friends willing to help with the moving plans. I promise you will be more motivated and get it done quicker!
  • Time to clear out. Stop hoarding all the stuff you haven't used in a while and donate it, give it to a friend or trash it. You will have more space and less stuff to pack.
  •  Do your research on moving companies and get all the facts beforehand.
  • Make sure you know what size and how many boxes you need.
  • Save your boxes you don't use and return them for your money.
  • Go one room at a time or else you will never get anything done.
  • Use blankets and pillows in boxes to save the fragile items.
  • Always right "fragile" on every box
  • Make sure you have enough packing tape.
  • Break down any furniture you can, it will save room.
  • Make a list of what you have and take pictures in case anything is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Get really good at tetris when it comes to packing cars.
  • Make sure to have some jams on to make packing more fun!

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