If you pay attention to KCRG weather updates you might have noticed earlier this week that it could get up to about 70 degrees this Friday (March-31). When I noticed that earlier this week all I could think of was... finally. We've seen a few days hit 60 degrees this March and we might finally hit the magic number of 70 degrees. Once we start seeing 70 degrees on a regular basis, I start transitioning into my summer clothes.

As exciting as it might be to finally hit 70 degrees, it does come with the possibility of severe weather that could not only impact almost all of eastern Iowa but also many other states surrounding ours.

According to KCRG Morning Meteorologist, Kaj O'Mara, "Friday is still the day to watch for severe weather potential over the entire area." As of today (March-29) this is still something meteorologists are just keeping an eye on but it's important that you keep up to date and are paying attention to the weather Friday. At the time of writing, the wind is predicted to be above 20 mph but that number could obviously change by Friday afternoon.

Right now it looks like any severe weather, which could include tornadoes, damaging wind, and hail is all possible, beginning in the afternoon and leading to early Friday evening. Kaj O'Mara also mentions "the low-pressure system, in this case, will determine where the highest tornado risk ends up, which this far out, is difficult to discern."

Kaj O'Mara, KCRG
Kaj O'Mara, KCRG

The best thing to do at this time is to be prepared, and alert, and keep up to date with the weather when you start your day on Friday.

When Is Tornado Season In Iowa?

According to Storms Shelters Of Iowa, tornado season typically runs from April to July. As we gear up for the beginning of April, now is the perfect time to remember what you can do to stay safe.

Warning or Watch - First and foremost you should know the difference between a warning and a watch. A tornado watch is when conditions are favorable for a tornado to develop. A tornado warning means a tornado has been spotted

2  Be aware of Tornado warnings - Keep an eye out for the weather and listen for "tornado warnings." If a tornado warning has been issued, seek shelter immediately.

3  Have a Plan. - If you have a family that includes younger kids, prepare them on what to do if a tornado warning is issued. Having a plan can help them feel safer and more comfortable when they know exactly what to do. Identify your home's safe room and make sure everyone knows that's where to go when a warning is issued.

Supplies - Iowans are all too familiar with how long severe weather can last. You never know how long you may need to seek shelter, so you should put together a supplies kit. Your kit should include water, food, first aid supplies, and a battery-powered radio.

Stay Informed - Keep up to date with the weather as best you can. You can either listen to the radio or use KCRG Weather as a resource

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