Much of eastern Iowa was hit with wind, rain, thunder, lightning, hail, and even tornado warnings this past Tuesday (April 16) afternoon. Most of the tornado warnings for eastern Iowa had expired around 8 p.m. yesterday.

There's a classic saying you've likely heard called "Don't shoot the messenger" and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we could see more rain this week in Iowa. The good news is that it is not expected to be as severe as what many Iowans experienced early this week.

According to KCRG, we will continue to experience cloud cover and windy conditions for a good portion of today (April 17). Some areas may experience some light rain but later on in the day, the skies should clear out, making for a calm Tuesday evening.

Our biggest weather hurdle today will be the wind. It's possible some areas in eastern Iowa experience wind from 30-40 mph until 6 p.m. You'll want to double-check check your garbage bins haven't blown over at some point today.

Unsplash - Frame Harirak
Unsplash - Frame Harirak

When Is The Rain Coming Back?

Thursday, eastern Iowa can expect to see more rain, which could start as early as 6-7 a.m. for many people. Thankfully, the rain is expected to be light to moderate for most people who are up for the morning and/or commuting to work, according to KCRG.

Once the early morning scattered rain passes on Thursday, we should have a relatively mild afternoon. Early predictions are around .10 to .30 inches of rain, which will surely help the drought in Eastern Iowa.

Hopefully, you haven't put away the warm jackets. Cool air will follow Thursday's rain system and early Friday, eastern Iowa is expected to see temperatures in the mid-30s...

I finally got to turn my AC on this past weekend and now I might have to turn the heat back on! Saturday and Sunday could feel even cooler than Friday morning. If you have plants outside that have begun to grow, you may want to consider moving them indoors or covering them.

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