Television reporters all over the state are clamoring for a shot of the RAGBRAI riders coming in to their towns. It's a unique sort of story that many people in the news industry are excited to cover. Sometimes covering these types of events can lead to some...unexpected surprises.

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First of all, I usually don't like when passerby's try to interrupt a reporter who is out covering a story. Many of these guys are doing the setup all by themselves with no videographer or assistant to help them out, but this instance is kind of hilarious.

Travis Chinn is the Chief Photographer of KTIV in Sioux City. Chinn's a bit of a news veteran, so he's probably experienced plenty of crazy situations while he's been on assignment.

One of his latest assignments was to cover RAGBRAI. The huge bike ride across the state kicked off in Le Mars on Sunday. Chinn went to cover the kickoff to this huge ride across the state. He was surrounded by a huge crowd of locals, but only two really stood out.

As he started to do his standup this young girl popped in and started dancing. This girl might also have the best comedic timing because she hopped right into frame as Chinn said,

"But as you can see behind me, thousands of riders from all over the country..."

Then the video, captured by a viewer, cuts to a few moments later. The girl had hopped out of the frame and had just jumped back in. She isn't even on the screen for more than a few seconds when a man runs in and throws her over his shoulder to get her out of the shot.

courtesy of @misskay410_part 2 on Tik Tok
courtesy of @misskay410_part 2 on Tik Tok

The RAGBRAI route includes a stop in Waterloo this Wednesday. Riders are expected to enter Black Hawk county and then go through Wagner Road to Big Rock Road all the way to Commercial Street.

You can watch the full video of this hilarious interaction down below!



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