You never really know who you could run/ride into while taking in the fun during Iowa's Great Ride. RAGBRAI riders and Iowans alike have learned about Lance Armstrong enjoying the race over the years. NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson has appeared for stretches during the race in previous years.

Shoutout to my old college roommate, Dana, who lives in Clear Lake, Iowa. If his Facebook photos are correct... he and some of his friends are partaking in RAGBRAI this year! Okay... I know he might not necessarily be a celebrity but he is an Iowa native. My point is so many people enjoy this state-wide event, you never really know who might show up.

All of those who are interested in Iowa's Great Ride might be pretty used to seeing this former Hawkeye great appear in the race. He's been doing it for several years, according to KCRG. He's considered one of the best football players ever at the University of Iowa. He's also one of the greatest tight ends to ever play for the Indianapolis Colts.

Dallas Clark has been a pretty busy guy over the past 2 years. In 2022, he was inducted into the University of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame, and in 2023 he's partaking in another RAGBRAI event.

It's pretty awesome to see how elite athletes never seem to stop. Even though his professional football career might be over, Dallas is still finding ways to get his body moving. I suppose when you're considered one of the greatest athletes on the planet, it's not something that just goes away.

The best part is he still has the competitive drive. According to KCRG, Clark has competed in the Ironman competition so this event seems like a bit of a "cruiser" for him.  Listen to him talk about his "boys" and how he jokes that he's hoping they can pick up the pace a little bit!

KCRG caught up with Dallas Clark during yesterday's (July-27) portion of RAGBRAI

To keep up to date with the 50th Annual RAGBRAI through today (July-28) and tomorrow (July-29), we've got the routes for you, as the riders head to Coralville.

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